Salus is the continent home of the city of the ‘good’ gods. Here the worshipers of Avandra,BahamutCorellonErathisIounKord, MeloraMoradinPelor, Raven Queen and Sehanine make their homes and pray to their gods.

The south coast of Salus borders the Medius Sea and across that lies Lue. The south coast used to be much less inhabited, with only the capital cities of Vadriel and Thagarn being of much importance. Recently the uptick in trade from Lue has meant more and more coastal towns are appearing and growing fat. There still is the issue of attack from across the sea, particularly from the worshipers of Bane and Gruumsh.

Towards the centre of Salus is the Forest of Haul’i, which holds The Wandering City. To the north of this lies Praedian, bordered at the north by the Seimeer Mountains.

In the central west there are vast, rich farmlands, the home of worshipers of Pelor and ruled from Solia’stel. Northwest of Solia’stel is a huge range of mountains and valleys know as the Heartlands, and at the top of them sits Na’tal.

At the northwest coast of Salus is the Land of Snow, a place not many have cause to visit. It is separated from the rest of Salus by the Winds of Death.

The central east of Salus is a busy place, with Sei’elon, Berilis and Feris’tal all within a day or two’s ride. While these lands are not as fertile as those to the west, it is more a place for culture and learning.

There are more mountains to the north of Feris’tal, and it is here that many of the warriors from Berilis spend their time. These mountains are the home of many wild and vicious things, including hidden tunnels in which kobolds, goblin and more live.

Beyond these lies the grey city of Monus. This city is bored for many miles by the Savage Wastes.


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